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Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher

$679.00 Reg. Price $899.00   You Save $220.00

This Samsung Dishwasher is a must see!! It features breakthrough WaterWall Technology that sends a powerful, sweeping wall of water through the dishwasher designed to leave the dishes exceptionally clean.  The sleek, clean look allows this unit to integrate into any kitchen and at 44 decibels, it is virtually silent.  Powerful, sleek, unique and reasonably priced!!     

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About This Product

This Samsung Dishwasher features breakthrough WaterWall™ Technology that is designed to clean every item in the dishwasher with exceptional power and range.

WaterWall™ Technology

Samsung's revolutionary WaterWall™ technology reinvents dishwashing. Unlike our conventional dishwashers, the WaterWall™ line uses a powerful sweeping wall of water to leave dishes remarkably clean.

Zone Booster

The Zone Booster wash setting offers controllable intensive washing at the touch of a button. Selecting the option to wash the right or left zone on the bottom rack enables you to target hard-to-clean pots and pans for higher water pressure and temperature wash.

Express 60

An Express 60 cycle option cleans dishes much faster. It's ideal for lighter loads of cups, cutlery, bowls and plates.

Virtually Silent Wash Cycles

Enjoy powerful, efficient dishwashing in peace with a special insulation system that siginficantly reduces noise to 44dBA.