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U-Line 18" 3000 Series Refrigerator

$2,589.00 Reg. Price $2,975.00   You Save $386.00

This unit is every chefs dream.  With three full glide out bins for very convenient access and organization.  Is coolest feature with this is the U-Select Control Food and Beverage Mode.  These are 5 different temperature modes for preserving various food items.  Deli Mode is set at 36 degrees for preserving Meat, Cheeses, Condiments and other Delicacies.  Market Mode is set at 38 degrees which is perfect for Fruits, vegetables, berries and greens.  Root Cellar Mode is set at 50 degrees for potatoes, onions, lemons, limes, melons, peppers and beans.  This mode is designed to recreate a dark cool root cellar.  Pantry Mode is set at 42 degrees for dry goods, baking ingredients, spices and seasonings and Beverage Mode is at 38 degrees for juices, beer and wine.     

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Product Highlights

  • Volume of 3.4 cu ft holds up to 68 bottles (12 oz) or 104 cans (12 oz)
  • Temperature range: 34°F -70°F
  • Convection cooling system rapidly and efficiently takes items to the set temperature
  • U-Select® Control offers five distinct modes: Beverage: 34°F - 65°F, Deli: 34°F - 40°F, Market: 34°F - 40°F, Pantry: 34°F - 70°F, Root Cellar: 45°F - 55°F
  • U-Select® Control with digital OLED display is ergonomically located on top of door
  • Maintains temperature to within 1°F of the set point to maximize preservation
  • Black interior is illuminated with LED lighting
  • Three full-extension, slide-out drawers in each compartment are removable for easy cleaning
  • The middle bins have two possible positions and come with a removable glass shelf to keep products stable
  • The lower bins are large enough to fit 2 one-gallon containers with additional space for more storage
  • Standard commercial stainless steel handle is interchangeable with professional handle accessory
  • Must be ordered right-hand or left-hand hinged
  • Robust, concealed and covered hinges with built-in door stop and closer
  • Adjustable grille can be shifted front-to-back and up-and-down
  • Integrated model requires 3/4” custom door panel
  • Grille can accept an overlay toe-kick
  • Four independently adjustable leveling legs; rear legs are adjustable from the front for ease of installation